What is a "refurbished" computer?

A refurbished computer from us will be a computer that was originally supplied to a larger business user. Business machines will have been designed for reliable long term use.  Most larger companies will regularly upgrade to the newest models despite their existing machines having much life left in them.

A refurbisher will ensure data security for the original company, security wiping or replacing the hard disk. The system will then be cleaned and subjected to rigorous testing. Keyboards may be replaced or reprinted.

Finally a new operating system is installed.

Why buy a refurbished computer?

There are compelling reasons to buy refurbished now.  A refurbished computer will give you years of reliable service at a price you can afford.  A refurbished computer will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

All our laptops & desktops come with a 6 month parts & labour warranty.

Can I buy & arrange a local pickup?

Yes, by arrangement.  We will ensure a safe contactless pickup at short notice.

If I have a problem?

If you have a problem we will do our best to help. The first thing to do is to contact us by email outlining the problem.  If the problem involves a claim on the warranty we will happily repair or replace. This should be a quick process.

Do you still do other repairs & upgrades?

No, following the Covid 19 closure we will not be taking other repairs.  We do though plan to be able to refer you to "someone who will".